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10 Things Every Literacy Educator Should Know About Research
4 Key Critical Reading Skills MODULE PPT
5Ws and H Organizer MODEL
Arg vs Evid Step 1 Intro Lesson-STONE FOX
Arg vs Evid Step 2 Answer Key-STONE FOX
Arg vs Evid Step 2.5 Answer Key
Argument vs. Evidence MODULE PPT
Combatting Learned Helplessness Tool
DDAT Organizer
Essay Writing Rubric
How to Infer Themes Organizer
K-12 ELA CCS Tracker
K-12 Selected Language CCS Tracker
K-2 Grammar Sneak Preview Packet
NYS Educator Guide to the 2023 Grades 3-8 ELA Tests
NYS Grades 4-5 Writing Rubric
NYS Grades 6-8 Writing Rubric
Order of Cumulative Adjectives Handout
Paragraph Response Scoring Checklist
Partner Feedback Protocol
Planning for A.I. Implementation PDF of slides
Sample AI Policy Template with Questions
Sample Overviews of Weekly ELA Routines
Sample Paragraph Responses for When I Was Puerto Rican
Sample Week of Lesson Plans-Poetry Analysis and Paragraph Writing
The Comprehension Process MODULE PPT
This Sentence Has Five Words by Gary Provost
Trajectory Analysis Charts for L Standards
Trajectory Analysis Charts for W Standards
Using Grammar to Improve Writing MODULE PPT
What Is Important ORGANIZER
What Is Important Organizer MODEL-ANIMAL FARM, ch 2
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