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10 Things Every Literacy Educator Should Know About Research
4 Key Critical Reading Skills MODULE PPT
5Ws and H Organizer MODEL
Arg vs Evid Step 1 Intro Lesson-STONE FOX
Arg vs Evid Step 2 Answer Key-STONE FOX
Arg vs Evid Step 2.5 Answer Key
Argument vs. Evidence MODULE PPT
Combatting Learned Helplessness Tool
DDAT Organizer
Essay Writing Rubric
How to Infer Themes Organizer
K-12 ELA CCS Tracker
K-12 Selected Language CCS Tracker
K-2 Grammar Sneak Preview Packet
NYS Educator Guide to the 2023 Grades 3-8 ELA Tests
NYS Grades 4-5 Writing Rubric
NYS Grades 6-8 Writing Rubric
Order of Cumulative Adjectives Handout
Paragraph Response Scoring Checklist
Partner Feedback Protocol
Sample Overviews of Weekly ELA Routines
Sample Paragraph Responses for When I Was Puerto Rican
Sample Week of Lesson Plans-Poetry Analysis and Paragraph Writing
The Comprehension Process MODULE PPT
This Sentence Has Five Words by Gary Provost
Trajectory Analysis Charts for L Standards
Trajectory Analysis Charts for W Standards
Using Grammar to Improve Writing MODULE PPT
What Is Important ORGANIZER
What Is Important Organizer MODEL-ANIMAL FARM, ch 2
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