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AI Professional Development

·      What are some PD options to support our staff?


School leaders, please check this out FIRST:

Planning for A.I. Implementation: Strategic Support for Leaders

My 32-min video addresses the following questions:

1.     How can ChatGPT (and Bard, Khanmigo, and Diffit) save teachers and leaders time?

2.     How can we use ChatGPT and other A.I. tools most effectively in the classroom?

3.     How should we begin in planning for A.I. implementation?

4.     What are some PD options to support your staff?

Here's the FREE link to the PDF of the slides!


What else can you do?

1.     Share The Literacy Cookbook “A.I. TIPS” page.

2.     Subscribe to The Literacy Cookbook Website for access to 2,000+ documents/tools to support literacy instruction. (Use the 50%-off discount code TLCBOOK50 here to join, or Email me if you would like to register a group.)

3.     Provide copies of The A.I. Classroom (Fitzpatrick, Fox, Weinstein).

4.     Involve interested teachers in the A.I. Committee/Task Force.

5.     Potential training topics:

  • Effective ChatGPT* Prompt Engineering
  • How to Use ChatGPT* to Save Time
  • How to Use ChatGPT* in Your Classroom
  • Beyond ChatGPT: *Additional A.I. Tools
  • Using A.I. to Strengthen Reading and Writing Instruction

*and Bard, Chat Forefront, Diffit, Khanmigo, MagicSchoolAI, etc.

If you're looking for PD on A.I. implementation, please check out this page for more information.

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