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The Literacy Cookbook, like the field of education, is a work in progress.  I am blessed to work with many passionate, thoughtful educators and students, who teach me more and more every day about what it takes to read, write, and speak effectively.  I will not be able to thank everyone properly here--because this list grows DAILY--so let me apologize in advance to those who are not mentioned but should be, and in the meantime let me thank at least a few of the people who have assisted me:

Katy Wischow
Mary Jo McKinley
Jessica Majerus
Ron Brady
Susan Chenelle
Rahshene Davis
Misha Simmonds
Charlie Speck
Allison Miller
Tilney Wickersham
Beth Verrilli
Steve Chiger
Anibal Garcia
Christine Gallucci
Stig Leschly

Rochelle Hendricks
Linda Brown
Margaret Lin
Shirley Monastra
Mary Tantillo
Judy Wilson
Margaret Hayes
Doug Lemov
Norman Atkins
Bianca Licata
Alison Palludi
Jessica Harrell
Prudence Minton
Jonathan Dec
John Norton
Susan Curtis

Thanks, also, to Jeff Kuhlman at JSK Graphics for his patience and enthusiasm…

AND FINALLY, I am grateful to my parents, who enabled me to get a good education and who have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

Thank you all.  I am humbled by your support.


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