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The Literacy Cookbook, like the field of education, is a work in progress.  I am blessed to work with many passionate, thoughtful educators and students, who teach me more and more every day about what it takes to read, write, and speak effectively.  I will not be able to thank everyone properly here, so let me apologize in advance to those who are not mentioned but should be, and in the meantime let me thank at least a few people who have assisted me:

The hard-working, generous staff at Greater Newark Charter School, esp. Jessica Majerus and Katy Wischow, who pushed me along: they have also contributed useful materials to this Website…

AND for their enthusiasm, relentless curiosity, and commitment to the success of ALL students, I also want to thank:

Mary Jo McKinley, Jennifer Nimon, and the rest of the staff at Academy Charter High School…

Ron Brady, Stephanie Segall, Jill Spiegel, and the rest of the staff at Foundation Academy Charter School…

Mike Pallante, Theresa Adubato, Sharon Brennan, and the staff at Robert Treat Academy…

Susan Chenelle and Hans Winberg and their colleagues at University Academy Charter High School…

Rahshene Davis and Misha Simmonds and the staff at University Heights Charter School

Charlie Speck, my former HS Latin teacher whom I dragged out of retirement to help me work on this stuff…

Allison Miller, Tilney Wickersham, and Beth Verrilli at North Star Academy Charter School of Newark, who helped shape my thinking when I worked there, and Steve Chiger, who provided essential journalism leads...


Stig Leschly and his colleagues at the Newark Charter School Fund for their energetic support…

Rochelle Hendricks at the NJ DOE for her constant encouragement…

And for their steadfast friendship and invaluable feedback as I developed this Website, many thanks to Linda Brown, Margaret Lin, Shirley Monastra, and my sister, Mary…

Thanks, also, to Mark Travers and Jeff Kuhlman at Jersey Shore Web Studios for their patience and enthusiasm…

AND FINALLY, I am grateful to my parents, who enabled me to get a good education and who have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

Thank you all.  I am humbled by your support.


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