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Open-ended Response Writing

In response to popular demand, I am pleased to offer this page on how to write OPEN-ENDED RESPONSES.


An acronym that you may find useful is RACER:

Restate the question.

Answer the question.

Cite evidence.

Explain the evidence.

Raise insight.

Here are some additional tips:

1) Make sure you've taught Argument vs. Evidence Steps 1-3.  See the TLC "Argument vs. Evidence" page for details.

2) Check out the Open-ended Response Writing Rubric for a helpful teaching (and scoring) tool.

3) The TLC "Effective Topic Sentences" page discusses how to write effective topic sentences and body paragraphs.

4) To teach students about quote sandwiches (providing context and explanation for quotes), check out these TLC Blog posts on quote sandwiches.  Also, check out these handouts:

5) To teach students about how to write punchy insights, check out the Punchy Insights Poster.

6) Also, check out  "Open-Ended Response Care Package," a TLC Blog which explains how to approach open-ended responses (especially TIMED responses) in more depth.

7) Sometimes, to demonstrate comprehension, we want students to explain quotations.  Check out the Explanatory Quote Response Organizer and Explanatory Quote Response Organizer MODEL.



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