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Test Prep


ACT Prep
This page provides a brief overview of the literacy-oriented components of the ACT, tips on pre-writing strategies for the Writing section, and a list of free online resources.

AP Prep
This page provides links to essential AP-related Websites.

Connecting Reading, Writing, Test-Prep is about how reading and writing are two sides of the same coin, and we use tests as one way to measure students’ abilities to do both.  In this section, we examine how all three overlap. 

  • In Part I, “MAIN IDEA/ARGUMENT: Finding One vs. Building One,” we consider how to find a main idea/argument (reading and test-taking) vs. how to build a main idea/argument (writing).
  • Part II, “CRITICAL READING AND ROBUST WRITING” provides code words for different types of critical reading questions, strategies for reading fiction and nonfiction, and suggestions for how to create more robust writing.

Generic Test Prep Strategies
Tests are a GENRE with characteristics that students need to recognize.  This section offers advice and materials for teaching students how to take tests more effectively.  It also provides a recipe for How to Create Critical Reading Questions. 

This page curates everything I know about PARCC preparation.

This page provides a list of free online resources for tackling the literacy portions of the SAT and SSAT.

Test Prep Resources & Links
This page provides both NJ-specific and generic resources and links to assist teachers with test preparation.

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