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This page contains downloadable resources for more than a dozen novels, memoirs, and plays commonly taught in high school English classes.  If you are looking for ideas about how to teach a research paper, check out the Research Paper Guide.  For materials on writing a literary response paper, check out the Literary Response Paper Guide.  If you want to incorporate Socratic Seminars or Book Talk Projects, check out those specific pages.  For more general strategies, check out READING, WRITING, etc.

Also, for more sample curriculum unit overview maps, unit plans, and lesson plans, check out the Templates for Lessons & Units page.

NEW: The Common Core Mapping Website is looking for lesson plan submissions, and you will find some sample lesson plans HERE.

If you teach anything by Toni Morrison, here's a recent interview with her on NPR.

If you teach Animal Farm by George Orwell, here's a free YouTube audiobook that your students can listen to. (Thanks to Roman Usatin for this link!)

Below is a list of common high school texts for which the TLC offers instructional resources.  Go to the DOWNLOAD ZONE for all of the files (including introductory strategies, comprehension questions, quizzes, and various projects).  NOTE: Asterisked items could possibly be used in 8th grade.

Also, for questions of text selection, see Selected Texts for Grades 4-12 ELA.


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