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Hi, all-- I'm launching this page to support educators and parents who need help with online instruction.

Most if not all of the resources mentioned are free at this time.  In addition, I'm extending a 50%-off discount to all users of this TLC Website, where you will find more than 2,000 files supporting effective literacy instruction in the Download Zone on each page here.  The discount code is: TLCBOOK50 (Note: ALL CAPS).  Click HERE to register.  Click HERE for more info about this Website.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for this Website, please Email me at:



Let's get started!


TLC Blogs to Guide You:



Want to run a video conference? Try Zoom (See Zoom Video Tutorials to get started.)

Looking for a way to organize your online lessons?  See Catlin Tucker's blog post "Tips for Designing an Online Learning Experience Using the 5 Es Instructional Model."

Want to support students' SEL skills?  Check out the Princeton-Blairstown Center's COVID-19 and SEL Resources, including Weekly SEL Roundup of Activities for Educators.  Also, see PBC@Home for cool videos on environmental topics!


GENERAL RESOURCES/FREE STUFF: http://amazingeducationalresources.com/


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