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This page provides links to essential AP-related Websites, which follow.  If you have any other links/resources to recommend, please Email me at sarahtantillo@literacycookbook.com.  Thanks!  ST


NEW: Pre-AP launches in Fall 2018.  For more information, click HERE!


AP Courses and Exams-This page lists all of the offerings, a good place to start.

AP English Language

AP English Literature

AP Central

AP Language and Composition Course Home Page

AP World History

AP U.S. History

AP European History

AP U.S. Government and Politics


TO BUILD VOCABULARY: Verbal Workout (www.verbalworkout.com) is a tremendous resource, particularly for high school teachers (and parents) who want to help students strengthen their vocabulary.  It includes key vocabulary words (esp. SAT words) from many, many commonly-read texts and provides lists (sortable in various ways, such as by chapter or frequency) and quizzes. Moreover, it’s a great source to see lists of commonly-read texts, esp. if you are writing/revising curriculum:

--  Books Most Commonly Assigned in the 2011-12 HS Year According to a Renaissance Learning Survey

--  Books Most Commonly Read by High School Students (via Accelerated Reader)

--  Books Most Cited by AP Literature Open Response Questions Since 2000

--  College Board’s 101 Great Books Recommended for College-Bound Readers

PS--I recommend viewing the two brief (2-4 min.) video tutorials so you can see how to gain maximum benefit from this resource.  Then you’ll be on your way!  Many thanks to Jamie Sterlacci for this lead!

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