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  • Subscribe to The Literacy Cookbook Website for access to 2,000+ documents/tools to support literacy instruction. (Use the 50%-off discount code TLCBOOK50 here to join, or Email me if you would like to register a group.)
  • "Learning with A.I. Tools," led by A.J. Juliani: participate in discussions and find resources and explainers.
  • "Learning Revolution," led by Steve Hargadon, for resources and events (esp. his very helpful Chat GPT Bootcamp with resources here).
  • ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) offers numerous resources on AI here, including free guides for elementary and secondary educators.  Check out this brief guide, "Bringing AI to School: Tips for School Leaders."
  • CRAFT AI Literacy Resources, Stanford University: "Free resources to help you teach high school students in all subject areas to understand and question Artificial Intelligence."
  • OpenAI: "Teaching with AI" offers tips for how teachers can use ChatGPT effectively.  It includes some detailed prompts (from Ethan Mollick) to create materials such as lesson plans and explainers; it also offers a prompt to create an AI tutor!
  • Ethan Mollick of UPENN-Wharton has written useful blogs:

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