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·      What AI tools should we check out?


Bard: Think of it as Google's version of ChatGPT, now (7-25-23) with MORE FEATURES THAN ChatGPT!!!  It can read responses out loud.  It provides “other drafts” along with the initial response to your prompt.  It enables you to “tweak” the response; you can make it shorter, longer, simpler, more casual, or more professional. You can save/share the response via Google Doc, Gmail, or a public link; you can also pin and rename responses for future reference.  Check here for updates on Bard’s features. (VIDEO demo coming soon!)

Chat GPT: See the “ChatGPT” page for more info.

Chat Forefront: "Converse" with various personas, including historical figures, celebrities, and fictional characters.

Diffit:  This tool is a one-stop shop for teachers using texts with students.  Search for, drop in texts (or links to texts), or upload texts that you want to differentiate.  The platform not only rewords the text on your selected grade level but also provides a summary, recommended vocabulary, multiple-choice questions (of different types), open-ended questions, and more.  ALSO: It can TRANSLATE the text into dozens of languages! Click HERE for Diffit PD resources.  Click HERE for a 13-min video overview called "Dive into Diffit." Here's the Diffit YouTube page.

Khanmigo: Khan Academy is developing a “super tutor” to support students and teachers.  As of 7/21/23, it’s still in beta and requires a monthly “donation” to try it out.  WATCH "The Amazing A.I. Super Tutor for Students and Teachers" by Sal Khan, TED Talk, TED 2023 (April).  15 mins.  MIND-BLOWING demos of Khanmigo, which provides super-helpful tutoring (and asks questions instead of giving students the answers)!  NOTE: If you'd like to use Khan Academy in your school/network/district, click HERE.

MagicSchoolAI: Customized for teachers, this tool supports planning, student support, communication, productivity, and community tools (e.g. team-building activities), and includes "Raina," an AI tutor versed in pedagogical best practices.  Click HERE for MagicSchool Training for Schools 1.0 slide deck.  Click HERE for a 12-min video demo.


 NOTE: For guidance on how to cite generative AI tools, go here.

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