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We used the “Test Prep” section of your TLC Website resources and our 4th graders were well above our school index goal!

Last year, we used your TLC blog primarily for test prep until we purchased your 2 resources in the spring and as you know as you reread or revisit a text, YOU FIND something that you didn’t truly notice before that is totally HELPFUL in being intentional with planning!  As a district, we’ve had professional development with the “unpacking of the standards.”   As educators, we have tons of resources that we read and reference for strategies to grow our practice, but I have to say that that on the corner of my desk sits your 2 resources with the other 3 or 4 that I leave to reference often.

In your Literacy and the Common Core, the section “How to Translate the ELA Common Core Standards for ‘Actual Use’”  (the “unpacking” of the standard) is of tremendous help because it gives the teacher the “why” and “the how,” examples, and so much more. 

In The Literacy Cookbook, we have focused on “the 4 Critical Reading Skills (paraphrasing, Inference, Vocabulary in Context, and Inferring Main Idea or Argument (AKA Summarizing)”; the “punchy insights” ..how to avoid writing like a robot!

Thank you for your dedication and inspiration to teachers and students!

--Edith Manuel, ELA Instructional Coach

Oberlin Elementary School in Allen Parish, LA


Sarah’s counsel, guidance and feedback have been an essential element of our school’s efforts this year to improve literacy instruction.  Sarah’s ideas and insight have ensured that our teachers are better equipped and positioned to effectively teach key literacy skills.  I fully expect our students to demonstrate meaningful improvements in their performance on our state tests and Sarah’s work has been as important in this improvement as the hard work of our students and teachers.  I could not recommend her more highly.”

     --Ron Brady, former Head of School, Foundation Academy Charter School

“The Literacy Cookbook and its ‘chef,’ Sarah Tantillo, put all of the ingredients together in one place for teachers and administrators. Those of us who struggle every day to bring language arts/literacy learning to children value Sarah's expertise and experience. The materials Sarah provided took us to the next step in our effort to boost reading and writing scores.”

     --Michael Pallante, former Principal, Robert Treat Academy Charter School

“Sarah has been a great asset to The Queen City Academy Charter School.  She helped us tremendously through our first year implementing data-driven instruction. Her assessments and scoring sheets were extremely useful as well as her assistance in disaggregating the data. She also provided stellar professional development for our staff!”

     --Theresa Radline, former Director, The Queen City Academy Charter School

“Sarah's astute observations and insights into teaching are contagious.  My teachers become more effective each time they work with her.”

     --Misha Simmonds, former Executive Director, University Heights Charter School



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